Seminar für Finanzökonometrie




Statistical Geophysics

Syllabus: (cf. here)

In this course students will learn the description of univariate and multivariate data with statistical and graphical methods. Models to assess uncertainty are discussed (deterministic and stochastic signals, aleatory and epistemic probability). Commonly used probability functions will be introduced. Then aspects of statistical inference (parameter estimation, testing hypotheses, statistical modeling) will be treated. In the second part an introduction to advanced statistical methods, which are especially relevant for applications in geoscience will be given. The theoretical part is amended by practical exercises using statistical software.

Lecture (Dr. Holger Fink)

  • Thursday, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m st (!!!!)
  • Location: Theresienstr. 41 - Room C 419

Tutorial (Henry Port):

  • Time: Thursday, 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. ct, approximately every other week
  • Location: Theresienstr. 41 - Room C 419
  • Dates: 22/10/2015, 05/11/2015, 19/11/2015, 03/12/2015, 17/12/2015, 07/01/2016, 21/01/2016

Slides, exercise sheets etc:

All material will pe provided via Moodle. Link.


  • Lecture Slides from Dr. Steffen Unkel
  • Wilks, D. S. (2011): Statistical Methods in the Atmospheric Sciences, 3rd edition, International Geophysics Series Volume 100, Academic Press.
  • Stark, P. B. (1996): Geophysics, Statistics in, Technical Report 450, Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, CA.